Feeling self-conscious about your own smile! People can notice you. People will mock you. All these recurring thoughts develop a frenzy in your mind and your inner voice asks you to scoot and hide from this world. So, you develop low self-esteem. Apart from this, you also develop oral health issues which in the long run will affect both your mental and dental health.

Fortunately, in today’s era we live with technology at our fingertips suggesting you practical ways to crush your fear of judgment and truly love yourself.

These problems may be missing teeth, broken tooth, misalignment, chips off, discoloration or gaps. There are solution – dental implants and veneers.

#Confusion!  Implants or veneer?

Let’s have some knowledge regarding it.

DENTAL IMPLANTS– These are modern way to replace missing tooth and reforms the contour of your face. Implants are of titanium and simulate the teeth when placed in jaw bone. Implants can be for lifelong if gets integrated with jaw bone and root. If there will be tooth to be removed before placing implants, then it will take 2-3 months to get healed. Implants make you able to bite and chew. However, restoring your natural look and smile.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

VENEERS– A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain laminate that is placed over the surface of the tooth. If you have chip off, discoloration, blemishes, unusually shaped teeth, this procedure can conceal these imperfections and complement your beautiful appearance. Veneer can restore smiles and aesthetic. It is one day procedure. Minimal alterations.



Few problems listed below which you might face in case you don’t replace the tooth:

#Mobility: lost tooth can cause the adjacent teeth can shift causing an imbalance of the dental structure or contour of face.

#Ailments: Infections and inflammations- bacterial growth in gaps after food particles get trapped in it.

#Gingivitis: Gum recession and gum diseases. The swelling of gums or bleeding from gums may occur. It can cause bad breath.

#Damage to teeth supporting structures distorting expressions and face.

#Mastication: Problems with the entire alimentary canal – starting from the buckle cavity to the intestinal tract. When food masticated properly, it becomes difficult to digest.

#Bone loss: Degeneration of the jaw bone which decreases the density and height of the jaw bone and gum.

#Jaw pain: little jaw pain can be there.

Are you afraid of visiting dental clinic?

These dental treatments are very painful and scary. We provide dental hygiene, fillings, implants, smile makeover, teeth straightening. We can make your to get these treatment for your beautiful smile painless. Great solutions for dental imperfections are with GILL DENTAL CLINIC.

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