Many patients have queries whether it is possible to have straight teeth without braces? Yes could be the answer. Today, teeth straightening treatment methods are designed to be as presentable and practical as possible so patients can not feel awkward and move on with their daily life confidentially.

Why people want to straighten of teeth?

– The practical reason behind people wanting their teeth to be aligned perfectly is to have confident smile.

-Moreover, this orthodontic procedure makes you bite strong and sharp.

– Good aligned teeth reduce tooth wear and help to have a good dental hygiene.

– Enhances overall appearance.

Nowadays, these aligners are so easy to have. More convenient for teeth straightening.

#How to get your teeth straightening without metal braces?

Ceramic braces

are in demand among older teenagers who wants an effective teeth straightening treatment with a less effect on their appearance. These braces are less likely to get noticed than metal braces. As it have tooth colored brackets and wires. Less visible but gives same result as metal braces.

Lingual braces(inside)

Lingual bracesLingual braces are invisible as they are placed and attached on the inside surface of teeth. Lingual brace can be      customized   to the need of individual teeth contour, making it comfortable and effective for client. But this may affect the speech because   it’s placement is near tongue. Over the time people get habitual to it. Speech hindrance is the main cause people search for   aligners for teeth straightening.

Clear Aligners

Clear AlignersTransparent plastic aligners are alternative and can fix the problems of braces. They are invisible and suited for     orthodontics problem. Invisible aligners can be removed easily, but by only wearing it consistently gives the desired result. It is advised not to remove it frequently. Generally, aligners are quite affordable as it is made of cheaper material.


Many alternative treatment options are in market if you’re in search for ways to treat your crooked or overlapped teeth. Different type of teeth and different type of treatments. It is always advisable to consult your doctor for the best suited treatment for you.