Are you feeling shy whenever you smile? Tooth staining is the usual problem of people nowadays. There are many ways available to prevent tooth staining. Brushing and flossing are one of those ways to make teeth shine. Still, you feel your teeth missing that sparkling shine then you are not alone to suffer this problem. Perhaps the most common dental problem one has is teeth staining, they want to improve their smile. Teeth whitening is the major demand of people nowadays.

What causes staining of a tooth?

With time passes you will notice that your teeth are not looking as bright as before. You may think what is the reason behind it.

The following are some of the causes of concern.

Food and Drink
You may not notice but food, beverages and drink like coffee, tea, red wine, and foods with turmeric in it cause gradual teeth staining. These foods have pigment which colors our tooth enamel.
Tobacco Use
The presence of nicotine and tar stains our teeth. And produce it’s covering over teeth.
Enamel gets thinned with brushing for so long and Dentin which is below enamel becomes visible through it. Dentin makes the look of tooth yellowish.
Whenever you get an injury on mouth affecting tooth, it starts production dentin over it. The overproduction of dentin gives the yellowish coloration of a tooth.
Medical treatment and medicines
Some of the medications like antihypertensive, antihistamines, antibiotics are responsible for tooth staining. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients is also a great reason for teeth staining.
How does it work?
Teeth whitening is a common process done by the dentist. Teeth Whitening products comprises either of two bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These agents break the stain cover into small pieces after oxidizing it. White fillings can be an option for decay tooth.
Are bleach process for teeth whitening works on every tooth?
No, teeth whitening process may not do magic on fillings, tooth caps, crowns or fillings. Moreover, the staining of teeth due to injury or medication may not be treated by the bleaching agents.
What are teeth whitening options available for us?
You should consult your dentist for the option available for teeth whitening depending on the type of stain.
# Toothpaste for stain removal
This tooth contains products that remove the stain of the surface of a tooth by slight scrub while brushing. It doesn’t remove the coloration of tooth. It is an affordable method.
# Bleaching
You can visit an affordable dental clinic, your dentist will apply gum protective equipment and give bleaching agent to your teeth. It is mainly an outpatient procedure. This method can be done in your home if you feel more comfortable at your home under the dentist guidance.
# Over-the-Counter Bleaching Products
Many products are available in the market with a lower dose of bleach in it. You can apply it without dental advice. You should see the recommendation and safety measure before using it.
Overuse of whiteners may also cause eruption and thinking of enamel.
How you can have a stainless smile if you have braces or fillings?
If you wear braces you should clean it regularly to avoid bacterial growth and staining. Although, invisible braces are good to wear as it is transparent. Which is presentable in an aesthetic point of view. Staining due to tooth decay will be treated with white fillings.