White (tooth-coloured) fillings



Invisible tooth coloured composite fillings are used routinely at our practice.

Composites are a combination of a resin and nano-particles of glass and are used to restore cavitated teeth so they not only look good, but function correctly. We use this composite filling routinely, as many people are concerned about the potential risks of mercury containing silver fillings. Glass Ionomer – A tooth-coloured white material made from powdered glass containing fluoride  which bonds chemically with the original tooth is also used routinely.

When a larger filling is required, a porcelain or gold onlay may be a better option. These provide greater strength in the long term where there is minimal tooth structure to predictably support a white filling.

Tooth colored fillings replace decayed enamel and dentin to help prevent your tooth from decaying any further. Fillings rely on a bonding process that literally “glues” your filling to your tooth. This can actually act to strengthen your tooth, up to a point. When there is not enough structure to be confident in a long lasting tooth colored filling, then we will need to look into a crown or onlay to support the tooth.

Your Dentist can help you decide which material is most suitable depending on your health, your preferences and what kind of cavity needs to be repaired.

White (tooth-coloured) fillings is a core component of cosmetic dentistry.